updated: Feb 18 2012

Japanese Kicho Screens

This is a set of 4 screens that my husband and are making for use in the SCA. They are based on the Heian screens used as room dividers, for walls, privacy, etc., though modified since we intend to take them camping (for example, the panels are faux silk, not painted silk).

My husband made the frames, which will painted this summer. We are both working on the panels (24 total) and the wide ribbons that drape them.

The panels are currently black, red, and aqua, but we hope to replace the aqua with white eventually (it was not available and we needed to have panels soon) as red/black/white is not only a pretty Japanese color scheme but has the added advantage of being our household colors.

The ribbons are of a blue polyester brocade with a bamboo pattern.

I am making the cord out of kumihimo.


In Progress




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