updated: Nov 5 2011

Apprentice belt

Tablet-woven belt of hand-spun, hand-dyed wool in shades of green, suitable for wear with Baltic Tribal costume.






before 1000



Dyeing done & weaving started

I didn't update at the time, but I dyed yarn over the week of October 5 - 25 yards of indigo blue and 90 yards of beautiful, medium Lincoln green.

Got it on cards last week and finally sat down and started weaving tonight. 1 yard and a couple of inches finished in four hours, so 8-9 hours to go.

added by Liepa Jonaskaite on Nov 5 2011


Did not, as hoped, get back to talk to Mistress Leonora about the green yarns; will try to contact her in a couple of weeks when I'm caught up on other things. New labradorite spindle hopefully also here by the end of the month.

Thinking about doing all of the pattern in the weaving - no colorworking at all. Need to go back and look at Rimkute paper for ideas.

added by Liepa Jonaskaite on Jul 5 2011