updated: Jul 26 2011

Stibbert Doublet I

First iteration of a garment inspired by the leather fencing doublet in the Stibbert Museum, Florence, and illustrated by Janet Arnold in Patterns of Fashion III.


In Progress




1500 - 1599

Sub-project of:



Dags and trim

Finished trimming out the body and dags, pinned dags to outer front hem. Next up: machine sewing the dags to the body, the shoulders to the body, and the trim around the armholes, then hand-sewing the reverse sides of all three sections.

added by Liepa Jonaskaite on Jul 26 2011

Incremental progress

Have been working on this project a couple of evenings a week, alternating between hand and machine sewing. Took another look at the original and realized that the darker trim is not piping, it's more like binding; so I recut the shoulder wings and discarded the ones that were already done. First fitting and all looks good so far. Photos next week, hopefully.

added by Liepa Jonaskaite on Jul 15 2011

traveling and garment body construction

Took it with me to New Orleans (business trip) and Battlemoor immediately thereafter; got a good bit of sewing done in planes/airports, but didn't even open the bag at Battlemoor except to select and buy buttons. Collar from central point around right side of body sewn in, left half started.

added by Liepa Jonaskaite on Jul 5 2011