updated: Jul 11 2011

Saxon Gown (Cranach Gown) - Research

I have taken up a challenge for Ealdormere's White Wolf Fian to create a Saxon Gown (Cranach Gown) with all accessories (shoes and hat) as much as possible by hand.

So this is the research part of the challenge






1500 - 1599




Prolific painter

Well, it sure has been interesting trying to find all of his paintings. It has been a bit harder finding other painters with similar style of dress to show that it is a valid clothing style...still looking though.

added by Lady Emelote of Calais on Dec 9 2009

Fabric Collection

Now I have reached the fabric collection stage...I am also trying to scan all the pics I don't have for my final report...

added by Lady Emelote of Calais on Mar 31 2010

All fabric has been collected!

I have collected all the fabric I need to make this gown. I have also stumbled on some strange thoughts since my trip to Germany. Hopefully soon I will be starting the process of sewing by hand.

added by Lady Emelote of Calais on Jul 11 2011