updated: Jul 13 2009

Self supporting cotehardie

brown lined brown and green cotehardie with short sleeves and buttons all the way down.






1300 - 1399



Change of Plans

Realized it made more sense to line the cotehardie, so it is now green and brown linen with brown lining and tippetted sleeves. I have a nice lightweight pink cotton linen blend that should work as an underdress. It won't support anything but it will be a good sweat layer as well as serving as sleeves to go under the tippets.

added by Leonete D'Angly on Jun 2 2009

June 3 Update

Body of Dress and Lining cut out. Still to cut- underdress and tippetted sleeves. There should be enough green left that brown sleeve can be lined in green, and green sleeve in brown. Be very careful about checking right sides and making sure everything is right-side out.

added by Leonete D'Angly on Jun 3 2009

Update: June 8th

Found a really cool lining/seam method that is in no way period but helps the lining work with the dress better, and is wicked easy. Link under links.

Body of dress is all put together, with the exception of the sleeves because I cannot decide if I actually want tippeted sleeves or short sleeves, which can be worn over an underdress or by themselves on hot days when I decide it's too damned hot.

My plan is to put the whole thing together and see if it will be supported well with just a shift underneath. If not, it gets tippets.

added by Leonete D'Angly on Jun 8 2009

Update June 15th

Watching Battlestar Gallactica while sewing buttonholes is full of awesome. Sleeves still not done, but I am about 10 buttonholes and 18 buttons away from being done with the dress itself. I'll try to take some in progress pictures soon

added by Leonete D'Angly on Jun 15 2009

Update June 24

Dress is completely done, buttons, hem, etc, except for sleeves. Goal is for the dress to be done by July 2nd.

added by Leonete D'Angly on Jun 24 2009


Not so self supporting, but the way it is lined it will be hard to fix. The sleeves are short, and not tippeted.

added by Leonete D'Angly on Jul 13 2009