updated: Apr 23 2009

Joined Hose

I've attempted joined hose before, but it's been many years since that only partially successful attempt.


In Progress




1500 - 1599

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I started with the pattern I used for my trunk hose foundation, and cut a mockup of the top part of the hose out of cotton/linen, along with a vague codpiece shape. After taking up the back seams a few inches, the result was quite snug and comfy. I closed the CF with a few points put through holes I poked with an awl.

The plan now is to make a linen lining that will go down just past the crotch, about where the lines on the paintings are. If I need to, I may also use that line to piece the legs of the wool outer layer together.

added by Lorenzo Petrucci on Mar 25 2009