updated: Jul 5 2009

Italian Man's Outfit

This is an evolution of the 15th century Italian clothing I've been making since I started in the SCA. The goals for this iteration are more authentic materials and better fit.






1400 - 1499





The hose have been completed. I've got enough wool left to make another pair, but they'll be exactly the same.

added by Lorenzo Petrucci on Jan 14 2009


The camicia and brache are done. The major construction of the farsetto is done. All that's left to do is attach the sleeves to the body, and do buttonholes, buttons, and eyelets on the body.

added by Lorenzo Petrucci on Feb 16 2009


The farsetto has been done for a while, and has been worn several times. It's very comfortable. I'm in the planning stages of the cioppa and a new giornea.

added by Lorenzo Petrucci on Apr 23 2009

Mostly finished

I finished the cioppa this past weekend. Technically I've finished what I set out to make, but I'm not happy with my fabric choice for the calze (they're already disintegrating) and I feel the need to ass a cappuccio.

added by Lorenzo Petrucci on Jun 30 2009


This week I made the cappuccio and a new set of linen calze to replace the wool ones that are already falling apart. This project is pretty much done at this point.

added by Lorenzo Petrucci on Jul 5 2009