updated: Mar 24 2009

Malcom's Tunic

I am embroidering a Tunic for Malcom. It will have a torc with Celtic boars on the neckline, celtic knot/torc boarder around the sleeves and a round celtic knot repeated around the hem.






1100 - 1199




I have finished the first boar, and started on the second. I have named them valor and Chastity. The picture here is valor. Chastity is slightly smaller and looks a little drunk to me. Makes me think of the grail light scene in Monty Python's Holy Grail.

added by Elewyiss the Jew on Jan 11 2009

Update 1/20

I've finished the second boar and started on the knot circling the neckline. I'm trying to add the pictures without much luck. I'll keep trying.

added by Elewyiss the Jew on Jan 20 2009


I finished the tunic and gave it to Malcolm at Gulf Wars. As soon as I find where I put the pic of the finished product I will put it up.

added by Elewyiss the Jew on Mar 24 2009