Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I use favorites?

A: On the page for a particular user or project, you will see a star icon next to the name. Click on the icon to toggle favorite status on or off. You can also select the owner of a project as a favorite from a project page. When you select the "My Favorites" filter on the project list, you will see all the projects of your favorite users, as well as any individual projects you have marked as favorites.

Q: How do I filter the project list?

A: If you're looking for something specific, you can use the search page to look for it. If you are browsing the entire list, you can use the buttons at the top of the list to turn on various filters. You can also click on any category, century, or keyword in the list to show only those projects.

Q: What are collaborators?

A: If you are working on a project with another person, you can add them as a collaborator. This gives them the ability to add, edit, and delete links and notes from the project. They are not able to edit or delete information about the project itself. You can also mark one of their projects as a sub-project of yours. You can only assign someone as a collaborator if they have you listed as one of their favorites.

Q: Is this just for SCA projects?

A: The categories are based on SCA areas of interest, but all eras of historical recreation and fiction-themed costuming are welcome. You can choose which types of projects you see in the list when you register.

Q: Can you host my pictures?

A: I don't really have the space or bandwidth to host more than the one picture for each project. There are already many free resources for picture hosting out there that have both more space and better features than I can provide. Check out Flickr, Photobucket, or Picasa for your picture hosting needs. You can link to galleries or individual pictures from your project pages.

Q: What is the "Stillroom Arts" category?

A: The categories are based on the Meridian Kingdom A&S Faire categories. The "Stillroom Arts" category was created to cover candles, soaps, oils, infusions, dyes, cordials, and similar materials.

Q: Should I post all my knitting projects here?

A: Unless it's something historical or part of a costuming project, you'd probably do better to put it on Ravelry.